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Massive fall in 189 visa invitations in August

ยอดออกจดหมายเชิญขอวีซ่าสำหรับแรงงานที่มีทักษะลดลงในช่วงเดือน ส.ค.2019 และน้อยกว่าช่วงเดียวกันเมื่อปีก่อน Source: SBS

Only 100 subclass 189 visa invitations were sent out in August 2019, which is a massive fall compared to the previous month. In July 1000 invites had been sent out.

Migration and Education expert Chaman Preet says August round was very disappointing for many visa hopefuls who were hoping to secure a place before the changes come into play on November 19.

"As opposed to 2490 invites issued on August 11 2018, only 100 invites were issued in August 2019. This is against the trend of invitations issued that we have seen for the past few years. August, September, October and November usually are best months and see the most number of invites being issued. It's very concerning for some visa hopefuls who would majorly be affected by the November 2019 changes," said Chaman Preet.

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Source SBS Hindi