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May PERAan: Important financial advice to start the year right

Start 2022 right by making good financial decisions. Source: Getty Images

Two of May PERAan's financial experts share some of the most useful financial tips for 2022.

"The outlook is positive for Australia's economy this year. So there's no need to fret," finance journalist Michelle Baltazar shares.

In order to start the year right, Michelle, along with financial strategist Jerry O'Brien, share some of their most valuable financial tips.


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May PERAan: Mga payong pinansyal sa 2022
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  • Learn more about your superannuation.
  • Buy now, pay later.
  • Build a system. 

Michelle says...

1. Learn more about your superannuation.

"The great thing you will always get additional funds in your super as long as you have a job."

2. Buy now, pay later.

"It's a good way to manage your cash flow as long as you pay on time."

3. Look after yourself.

"Whatever your plans are regarding yourself, your family and/or career, always look for ways to improve."

Examples of ways to improve are studying again and having a side hustle. 

Jerry says...

1. Build a system.

"We often start the year with self-reflection, that's why many come up with New Year's resolutions; but usually, people are only consistent with their resolutions for the first few months."

Start small and build systems you can integrate into your life such as well-researched investments and designated bank accounts for savings.