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Meet Harsharan Singh Grewal, 65-year-old marathon runner

File photos of Dr Harsharan Singh Grewal Source: Supplied

Dr Harsharan Singh Grewal is one of the most prolific Australian distance-runner at his age.

Singh, at an age of 65, finished the 21 Km Sydney Morning Herald Marathon at fifth position in his age-group on Sunday.

Clocking 1 Hr and 34 Minutes, Singh had an overall position of 710 out of 9,561 participants.

Dr Singh told SBS Punjabi that he started participating in long-distance races just a few years ago.

“I didn’t start marathons to win any competitions but to stay fit. Participation at such events helps you take a challenge,” said Dr Singh.

HS Grewal Marathon record
Dr HS Grewal Sydney Half Marathon record

Dr Singh, who grew up in Punjab-India, has been in love with athletics and running most of his life.

Currently living at Stanhope Gardens in north western Sydney, he is committed to excel in the long distance runs.

“City2Surf is the next on my agenda. It is a tough race with lots of up and downs on the road. But I practise hard to clock my best time," says Dr Singh.

“I started participating at the long distance competitions in 2014. In 2016, I completed City2surf in 63 mins and 39 seconds. At the World Master Athletic Championships in Perth I clocked 5 km in 20 mins and 32 seconds."

“I start my day early in the morning at 4AM. I feel privileged to be able to walk, run and recite religious hymns in God’s praise.”

“I also encourage my family to participate at such events as it helps tone body and to stay fit."

HS Grewal

Dr Singh originally hails from village Gujjarwal, Dist Ludhiana in Punjab, India.

He moved to Australia along with his family in 1991. At a professional level, he is a casual Research Scientist at the School of Science and Health at the University of Western Sydney.

Singh holds a PhD in Agronomy from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana in India.

In his more than 30 years of scientific career, he has worked as a Research Scientist at Adelaide University, a Research Agronomist in NSW Agriculture Department, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Western Sydney and an Associate Professor at Punjab Agricultural University. 

“For all my life, I have been an educationalist. I have more than 150 students living in Australia."

"It gives me both a sense of pride and satisfaction. I can’t be more proud to see them grow as a family or at a professional level," says Dr Singh. 

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