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Michael Mosley: Should I Eat Meat? **Premiere**


British television journalist Dr Michael Mosley is returning to Monday nights to investigate all things meat on SBS ONE.

Over two weeks, these premiere documentaries will see Michael endeavour to discover once and for all whether or not meat is beneficial or harmful to our health, how much of it we should be eating, plus the environmental and ethical issues around livestock.

Michael Mosley: Should I Eat Meat?

Michael Mosley has investigated the truth about fasting, the truth about exercise and he's tried to make himself happy... Now Michael he takes on a question that baffles and confuses many of us: should I still be eating meat? Michael goes on a meat overdose diet to see what meat really does to his body. He wants to find out how much meat he should be eating, and which types are the best for us - are sausages are really worse than steak? Meat contains vital protein, vitamins and iron. But with its high saturated fat content, and as cardiovascular disease becomes the biggest killer in the western world, is meat actually killing us? After his experiment, Michael must decide whether to continue eating meat, and what he should cook for his family.