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Migration agent barred for five years over fraudulent conduct

Source: SBS

The Department of Home Affairs has barred a former migration agent for a period of five years over “serious breaches” of professional obligations resulting from his conflict of interest and “repeated fraudulent conduct” and “blatant disregard of law”.

The Professional Standards and Integrity Section of the Migration Agents Registration Authority has barred Jasdeep Singh Chug in a decision delivered on March 20.

An investigation was initiated against Mr Chug after a former client complained against him in November 2016.

The former client, identified as DK, accused the former MARA agent of receiving $43,500 for facilitating an employer nomination for the purpose of applying 457 visa and subsequently a permanent employer sponsored visa from a café restaurant owned by Mr Chug’s brother in law.

The complainant also alleged that Mr Chug also received similar amounts from two of his friends for employer nomination from his brother in law’s restaurant for their visas, where he and other nominated employees were pooling money to keep the restaurant running to support their visa applications.

The Office of the Migration Agents’ Registration Authority said Mr Chug “knowingly submitted fraudulent information to the Department in support of the client’s visa application in relation to the genuineness of the nominated position”. 

DK’s employer nomination was withdrawn in November 2016 after the relationship between DK and his employer broke down while both were represented by Mr Chug‘s company that has been deemed a conflict of interest.  

“The former agent has repeatedly undermined the integrity of Australia’s visa programs and repeatedly failed to uphold the law,” the Authority said in the decision.

While arriving at the decision of barring Mr Chug for a maximum period of five years, it was noted that Mr Chugh “currently poses a serious risk to consumers” and that the misconduct was likely to continue”. 

Mr Chug‘s MARA membership expired in December last year and he did not seek to renew it.

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