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Mother asks parents to contribute money for son’s birthday instead of gifts


A mother has set up a crowd funding page so that parents can contribute money towards her son’s birthday instead of buying gifts.

Paramita Sarkar has set up a JustGiving page for parents to contribute money towards her son’s birthday instead of gifts. She says that her son always gets too many presents that never get played with and always go wasted. reported that for her son Adi’s 10th birthday party, instead of presents, Paramita asked all parents to contribute cash towards her son’s birthday celebration so that she can buy him something that he actually wants and will cherish.

With a suggested donation of $25 (£15) per child, from around 20 kids Adi is planning on inviting to his party, the birthday boy from Bramhall, would have a whopping $500 (£300) to splash out on what he wants.

Paramita said that her son usually would get heaps of legos as presents that never get played with.

"They get piled up in boxes and we run out of space to store all the board games - sometimes duplicate ones.

"So I have set up this JustGiving page where I would request mums to contribute - not donate - instead of buying presents.

"I can then buy something that my boy would actually appreciate and treasure over a long period of time. This is simply to reduce the clutter and buy something really useful."

Paramita’s family moved from India to UK in 2005. The 39-year-old works as a full time accountant. She said that she is trying to gauge other people’s reactions to the funding page idea to see whether this idea is acceptable or not.

"Friends have said it's a good idea so I set up the link, but I'm apprehensive about circulating it at school as I don't want to feel judged," she said.

She has not set any specific target for the crowdfunding page.

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