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Mother who let her 2 boys sleep in her bed, loses them to adoption by court order

File image Source: AAP

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was warned by social workers about co-sleeping when her children.

A mother of 2 young boys who continued to co-sleep with them, despite repeated warnings by social workers has lost her children after a court ruled she was placing them in danger, reports

The woman, cannot be named for legal reasons, was warned about co-sleeping when her eldest was just a baby.

But after fears from social workers, the two boys, both under 4 years of age, have now been placed for adoption following the court proceedings.

The mother, from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, came to the authority’s attention after bruising was noticed on the younger when he was months old.

Judge Peter Greene said the mother of the two little boys had failed to act on “professionals’ advice” against the practice of “co-sleeping” The Telegraph reports.

The judge said she was dismissive of professionals.

While experts caution parents not to co-sleep, studies show more than 80% of parents do.

The Telegraph reports the court ruled that there was adequate concern for the children’s safety and felt that adoption was the only realistic option in this case.