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Motherhood in battle, film 'Handout' explores the emotions of war

Handout Documentary by Vedrana Music Source: Provided

Vedrana Musić was born in Sarajevo, and in 1994 migrated to Sydney, Australia. As a child she grew up with the stories of a life her parents were forced to leave behind, deciding to turn these memories in snippets now shared with the world. She found a way to represent conflict outside of political chaos; to tell the stories of love, loss and humanity we all share.

Her short documentary, "Handout", is an emotional glimpse into wartime Yugoslavia through the eyes of her mother, Zeljka.  In her words, it's a story about a mother's love that stands out no matter the context. Both Vedrana and her mother, Zeljka, joined Sofija Petrovic to talk more about emotions, migration and motherhood, especially those defining moments we all have in common.