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My story: ‘I have committed to donate my body to medical research’

Manmohan Singh has committed to donate his body to scientific research Source: Supplied

Have you ever thought of donating your body to scientific or medical research?

The University of Melbourne runs the body-donor program in Victoria and boasts that it has had strong community links through the program since the 1890s.

Manmohan Singh Saxena has given consent to a body-donor program of University of Melbourne that runs it for the purposes of education and medical training.

“I have discussed it with my family who will make sure that my body is donated for medical research after my death,” he told SBS Punjabi.

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Manmohan Singh Saxena mentioned that the cultural, religious and personal beliefs do prevent people to make this commitment.

“I do respect other people’s opinion. But at a personal level, I don’t think if religion comes in my way. After all it’s just a body that is of no use after death.”

“I am aware that the dead bodies are used for the purposes of anatomical examination and the teaching and study of anatomy.”

“A donated organ can save a life, but a body provides the foundation to save many more.”

“I am told that each donated body is treated with great care and respect and, on completion of the studies, is cremated.”

“There are a few types of consent that a person can give before they sign their body away.”

“In the consent, one can also choose the return of ashes to the family who are able to retrieve it for commemorative purposes,” adds Mr Singh.

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