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New data shows Singhs, Sharmas, Patels and Kumars as top surnames in Sydney suburbs

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The data shows top surnames of each Sydney council.

Kumar, Singh, Prasad, Sharma, Patel, Khan are some of the surnames that have topped the list of most prominent surnames in certain Sydney suburbs.

New data released by Sensis, the company that owns White Pages, shows how several Indian surnames now prominently feature in the top ten reflecting the large Indian migrant community that lives in Sydney.

The data shows top surnames of each Sydney council.

While Nguyen is concentrated in Sydney's south-west, Lee dominates the Ryde-Eastwood area. Kim is most prominent surname around Strathfield and Concord.

Indian surnames rank first in the more outer western council areas like Blacktown and Campbelltown.

This data collected from VoomMaps is based on home ownership records and landline numbers found on White Pages.

The data collectors though warn that it is not 100 per cent accurate as increasing numbers of people nowadays do not have a landline.