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'No work and mounting expenses drove Deepak to death'

Source: Supplied

A friend says Deepak's request to allow him to work was ignored despite the fact that he explained his "extremely difficult circumstances" to the authorities.

Deepak Singh, the Indian citizen who was found dead in Melbourne on Sunday wasn’t able to work for the last two months as his work rights had been revoked when his application for permanent residency was declined.

Anil, a close friend of Deepak told SBS Punjabi that Deepak was under mounting stress as he did not have money to pay for the legal expenses he was going to incur with his visa case coming up in the Federal Court later this year.

“Deepak had been stretched in all directions. He was the mainstay of his family in India, sending them a few hundred dollars every month.”

“On the one side his visa was refused and on the other his work rights were revoked. He needed  $4000 for a legal representation in the Federal Court,” which Anil said compounded his troubles.

According to Anil, Deepak had explained his circumstances to the authorities so that he could be allowed to work, but that didn’t cut much ice.

As a result, Deepak couldn’t work at the recycling company after 18 May where he had been working as a plant operator for the last over four years.

“His wife can’t work because acute diabetes has severely affected her eyesight and kidneys. He was the only breadwinner for his family here and in India. So, he had requested that he be allowed to work but his request wasn’t entertained,” says Anil.

Anil said he did seem to be under tremendous stress due to his “extremely difficult circumstances”, but he never thought Deepak could take such a step.

He and Deepak’s other friends are now trying to complete the formalities in order to send his body to India where his last rites will be performed.

Deepak was found dead in his car near St Albans on Sunday. Police believe he committed suicide using a poisonous chemical.