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NRI from Australia and his mother arrested on alleged rape charges

Source: Public Domain

It is alleged that Mohammed Salimuddin would show the nude videos of his 21-year old wife to his friends in Australia.

A non-resident Indian (NRI) from Australia and his mother were arrested on Monday by the Kanchanbagh police, reports The Times of India.

The NRI allegedly forced his wife to have unnatural sex with him.

He also allegedly allowed his friend to rape his 21-year-old wife recently.

The Kanchanbagh police said Mohammed Salimuddin had married the woman in 2016.

He later left for Australia to pursue post-graduation.

Salimuddin allegedly used to ask her to get nude and video chat with him.

It is reported that he would also ask her to send her nude videos.

With no other option left, the victim used to send her videos to Salim, who in turn would show them to his friends in Australia, police said.

On February 13, Salim returned to India and since then has been forcing his wife to have anal sex.

A few days ago, Salim took his friend Chand, a resident of Hafeez Baba Nagar, to his residence.

The victim was given sleeping pills and then Salim started to get intimate with his wife.

The police says that to her surprise, she discovered that someone else was also in their bedroom and it turned out to be Chand. "The victim fell asleep and Salim allowed his friend Chand to rape her.

The victim realised what happened the next morning and complained to us," deputy commissioner of police (South Zone) V Satyanarayana says. 

Based on the victim's four-page complaint, the Kanchanbagh police arrested Salim on Monday.