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NSW opens permanent residency doors for offshore migrants, announces major changes to visa requirements

New South Wales has received 4,000 seats for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa in 2021-22. Source: Getty Images/anand purohit

The New South Wales government has invited visa applications from offshore migrants under the Subclass 190 skilled nominated visa stream.

On Tuesday, the state government announced changes to its current visa process. It said offshore applicants skilled in certain ANZSCO unit groups are now eligible for NSW nomination.


  • Applicants will need to show three years work experience in certain occupations 
  • Offshore applicants can only apply in selected occupations
  • Migration agent Harpal Bajwa said many onshore applicants will fail to meet the new requirements

An Investment NSW spokesperson said the state government will consider offshore applicants of Subclass 190 visas in invitation rounds via designated unit groups.  

"Invitation rounds occur throughout the financial year," the spokesperson told SBS Hindi.

Some of these identified ANZSCO unit groups include engineering managers, health and welfare service managers, production managers, primary and secondary school teachers, pharmacists, dental practitioners, midwives, registered nurses, social workers, hairdressers, plumbers and electricians.


The government said applicants, both offshore and onshore, for certain ANZSCO units groups, such as plumbers and electricians, now require a minimum of three years of work experience. 

The work requirement has also changed to three years for certain ANZSCO unit groups, which are currently open to onshore applicants. These groups include chefs, cooks, computer network professionals, enrolled nurses and welfare support workers.  

visa migration
Magan Preet Sawraj, who currently lives in Orange, New South Wales.
Supplied by Magan Preet Sawraj

Onshore applicants have called the new requirement a 'bitter pill.'

"This is so frustrating," said Magan Preet Swaraj, an accountant who lives in regional NSW. 

"I don't qualify under the new work experience requirements. So now, I will have to look for another visa as my previous application is of no use," Mr Swaraj told SBS Hindi. He had applied for the Subclass 190 visa in October. 

Mr Swaraj said fewer job opportunities in regional areas make it further challenging to acquire the necessary work experience.

"It's a vicious circle, as you cannot find a job that matches your skills without permanent residency status, and then you can't apply for permanent residency without experience in your line of work," he added.

Melbourne-based migration agent Harpal Bajwa said many onshore applicants can't meet the new requirements.

"Those applicants will have to redo their applications now. In some cases, they may have to wait to build on the required work experience," Mr Bajwa said.

Mr Bajwa, however, welcomed the announcement for offshore applicants.

"I am expecting a spike in inquiries as the skilled migrants are now allowed to enter Australia," he said.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is generic. Please consult a registered migrant agent or appropriate government authorities before making any decision.   

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