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Our shared Punjabi Anzac heritage - lets celebrate it!

Source: SBS Punjabi

This Anzac Day will be celebrated in a very special way by the SBS Punjabi team

Joining us in the studio on Anzac Day, will three VIP guests with a very rich Anzac connection:

1. Nehchal Singh - the great grandson of Indian Anzac Pte Desanda Singh, who went to World War 1 as an Australian soldier. Nehchal will bring the medals won by Pte Desanda Singh to our studios tomorrow.

2. Capt Sandeep Bhagat - a serving Australian Army reservist, of Punjabi origin who has been deployed as an Australian soldier many times in the recent past. Capt Bhagat will also bring his medals and reflect on the "Anzac spirit"- what it really means.

3. Dr. Harsh Vivek Singh - a short commission officer in the Indian army, who is now an orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne. He participated in the Anzac Day dawn service last year as well.

The SBS Punjabi team will meet these three VIP guests at our Melbourne studios Monday, April 25. Our full interview will be streamed live on SBS Punjabi Facebook page, so all of our listeners can become a part of the event. The interview will also be aired on SBS Punjabi radio program on Monday night, 9pm.

Live sstreaming on SBS Punjabi FB page will be from 2.30-3pm. Do join us and be part of our shared Anzac heritage... if you have any questions for any of our VIP guests, please inbox us on SBS Punjabi Facebook page.