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Pakistanis helping Australia’s population thrive

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Pakistani migrants had a fertility rate of 2.96 (births per mother), compared to Australia’s average fertility rate of 1.75 (births per mother) in 2017.

The latest ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) data reveal that mothers whose country of birth is Pakistan, gave birth to 2,768 babies last year in Australia.

Pakistani community has one of the highest fertility rates in Australia

The data shows that there is an estimated resident female population of 21,419 women from Pakistani origin in the country (15 years – 49 years).

Births and fertility rates in Australia (Data: Australian Bureau of Statistics)
Births and fertility rates in Australia (Data: Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Mums from Lebanese origin in Australia have the highest fertility rate at 3.93 followed by Samoans with 3.39 and Pakistanis at 2.96.

Population health expert on immigrant health from the Australian National University, Dr Tehzeeb Zulfiqar, told SBS Urdu that there are several factors affecting fertility rates.

"Australia invites relatively younger people as skilled immigrants and also encourages students who complete their education to take citizenship. These young immigrants start their families in Australia and get married to relatively younger girls.

"The maternal education, family's socioeconomic position and the cultural factors from these countries go in favour of larger family sizes."

Parents with children
Parents with children

"Women from Laos, Lebanon and Pakistan have a high fertility rate from 15-19 years, which shows that many of these women have their first children between 15-19 years and I think this drives their fertility rates.

"The average age of the mothers is also relatively lower compared to the other groups; 32 years for Laos and 30 years for Pakistan and Lebanon.”  

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