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Panchol Deng Ajang:"I composed songs to remind others of history"

Panchol Deng Ajang 2015 Source: Ajak Deng Chiengkou

Panchol Deng Ajang is a Dinka Folklore, gospel singer and recently moved instrumental music. Panchol released his first folklore song in the late 70s and some of the gospel songs in early 80s.

By the 1990s, Panchol composed many songs that were seen as counseling messages by many during the war. During his second tour of Australia, we were able to have an exclusive interview with Panchol Deng Ajang. This interview was the first broadcast live on SBS Dinka Facebook live on the 18/03/2017. We were able to stream live his concert as well.

Panchol speak to SBS Dinka Part one 2017



Panchol speak to SBS Dinka Part two 2017


Panchol speak to SBS Dinka 2015


Source SBS Dinka