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Perth gallery curator crafts a ‘spiritual tour of India in Australia’

Jagattarini, curator of The Sacred India Gallery in Perth. Source: Supplied by Sacred India Gallery

The Sacred India Gallery in Perth has a total of 22 miniatures showcasing the traditions and cultures of Vrindavan, the holy town in the northern part of India where Hindu god Lord Krishna is said to have spent his childhood.

Gallery curator Jagattarini, an Australian artist who spent over a decade living in Vrindavan, dubs it 'a spiritual tour of India in Australia'. 

The gallery recently shot to fame in India after receiving a special mention from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest episode of 'Mann ki Baat' radio program. 


  • Sacred India Gallery in Perth has been running since 2012
  • The gallery, which has a total of 22 miniatures, also runs programs and workshops related to spirituality
  • The curator Jagattarini received special mention by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest 'Mann ki Baat' program

Modi praised Jagattarini’s devotion to Krishna and said that people visiting her gallery will be able to get a glimpse of the traditions and cultures of India’s famous pilgrimage cities of Vrindavan, Nabadwip and Puri.

"I feel very honoured to receive Modi’s appreciation for our work about India here," Jagattarini told SBS Hindi.

Miniatures displayed in The Sacred India Gallery in Perth.
Supplied by Sacred India Gallery

Jagattarini said after being introduced to the Hindu religious book 'Bhagavad Gita' in her younger days, she got so attached to Lord Krishna that she became an exclusive devotee and went to live in Vrindavan.

"When I returned to Australia in 1996 I missed Vrindavan so much that I decided to create my own mini Vrindavan here by bringing the deity to life in the miniature art form," she said.

The artist explained how a gift of a tiny, one-inch figure of Lord Krishna from a friend inspired her to take up the art.

"I think of my favourite story about Lord Krishna and then create miniatures which are carved in Vrindavan and handpainted here by me," she said, 

The gallery attracts many visitors from across the globe. 

"It's a small gallery but it is listed on several tourist websites," Jagattarini, who has been recognised for her artwork in Perth at various miniature competitions, said.

Visitors taking a guided tour of The Sacred India Gallery.
Supplied by Sacred India Gallery

Hoping to reach a wider audience in Australia, Jagattarini said, "What we really want to share through this is the value of spiritual India in the current times." 

I wanted to share the teachings, beauty and character of sacred India and give visitors the opportunity to experience that 

The gallery sits within a community art centre on a scenic five-acre property in Bennett Springs.

Jagattarini and her team of volunteers spent 10 years of painstaking work creating the artistic space, which features elaborate hand-carved installations and a miniature world.

The gallery offers guided tours for guests free of cost.

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