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The 2016 census is on August 9. Run every five years, the census identifies key characteristics of the population to help plan for the country’s future. This year the census goes online for the first time. So here are some SBS CENSUS GUIDE – FAST FACTS.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) expects to count twenty-four million people from more than two hundred countries speaking over three hundred languages.

Run every five years, the census identifies key characteristics of the population to help plan for the country’s future. And this year most people will complete it online.

CENSUS 1:  This year the Census goes online for the first time, reaching nearly 10 million homes and 24 million people.

To complete the Census  online visit

CENSUS 2: The information you give in the Census is used to plan housing,transport, education, and hospitals.

CENSUS 3: From August 1 you’ll get a letter in the mail with your Census login number and instructions on how to complete the Census online. Keep your Census letter with your login number, you’ll need it on Census night on August 9.

CENSUS 4: You can also complete the Census on paper instead of online.You’ll need to order a paper form by calling 1300214 531. 

CENSUS 5 :If you rent with friends you can either complete a single Census form for your house,or you can get your own form by calling 1300 214 531.

CENSUS 6: your completed Census paper form must be returned in the provided Reply Paid envelope – don’t wait for a Census Field Officer to collect it!

CENSUS 7: If you are overseas on Census night, you do not have  to complete the Census.


CENSUS 8: If you’re staying with family or friends on Census night make sure you’re included on their census form.

CENSUS 9: You don’t have to be a citizen to fill out the Census, international students, family visitors from overseas and tourists must complete the census.

CENSUS 10:All 457 visa holders in Australia must complete the Census on August 9.

CENSUS 11:You can request a translator to help you complete the Census by calling 131 450.


CENSUS 12: If you don’t complete the Census you can get fined up to $180 per day until you complete it.

CENSUS 13: If you live in a regional area you may receive a visit from a Census Field Officer who will help you to complete the Census.

CENSUS 14: Your name and address will not be shared with any other government department.

CENSUS 15:There’s a detailed privacy policy available on