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SCAM ALERT: Australian Federal Police warns of court invitation emails

SCAM ALERT Source: Pixaby/Public Domain

AFP has warned Australian people to delete the notice as soon as they receive it.

People are receiving an invitation through email from the 'Australian Federal Police' to attend court.

This fake email says - "You are invited to the law court by the judge because of an offense against the law."

It further asks the email recipient to provide "all necessary information to the court."

This email also includes an attachment to the person ‘fake’ case file for downloading.

AFP has warned Australian people to not open the file and delete the notice as soon as they receive it.

The AFP National Media tweeted a copy of the email.

"We are not inviting people to attend court," the tweet read.


AFP said they had received calls from the public about the scam.

AFP has also warned people about giving out personal details.

"There are several links in the email which may be malicious. Don't click on the links — delete the email from your inbox and deleted items folder immediately," the statement said.

"Remember, the AFP does not send emails requesting court attendance."

Before this some people received fake emails from the “AFP” involving “a bogus invoice for a traffic infringement notice.”

Such scam emails download documents when clicked infect the recipient's computer with malware.

If you have received any suspicious scam emails, please report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

Source AFP