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Settlement Guide: 3 steps to a 457 visa

Source: Australian Government

The 457 visa program enables employers to bring in skilled workers from overseas when they cannot find skilled locals for the job. There are three processing stages in sponsoring a worker from overseas.

1. Sponsorship

When an employer applies for approval by the Immigration Department as a standard business sponsor.

The Australian Government Department of Immigration

2. Nomination

When an approved sponsor identifies a position to be filled.The position must relate to an eligible occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List.


3. Visa Application

When the overseas skilled worker applies for the visa. A 457 visa cannot get processed without an approved sponsor and nomination.

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457 visa holders can work in Australia for up to four years, bring dependents with them who can work and study and are allowed unlimited travel in and out of Australia.

For more information on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List and visa finder visit:

Source Australian Government