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Settlement Guide: 5 facts on AMEP

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The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is Australia’s largest settlement program, providing over 500 hours of English language tuition to new migrants.

1 Most recently arrived permanent and some temporary visa holders are eligible for free classes

AMEP is free to all eligible permanent visa holders plus some temporary visa holders who don’t have a functional level of English language proficiency.

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2 Eligible visa holders need to register for AMEP within six months of arrival in Australia

People under 18 years have longer to register and all students must complete tuition within five years.

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3 The courses are part of the nationally accredited Certificate in Spoken and Written English

There are four levels of study ranging from beginners to intermediate.

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4 There are many ways to learn in many locations

Classes can be taken full-time, part-time in person or via distance learning, over the internet or with a Home Tutor with registered service providers in 250 locations around Australia.

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5 Free child care is available for learners with under school age children

AMEP service providers are responsible for arranging free child care for clients with under school age children who are attending classroom tuition.

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Find more information on the Adult Migrant English Program in 26 languages.

Or contact AMES Australia on 13 26 37 for information on their courses.


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