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Settlement Guide: 5 facts on students’ working rights

Source: Public Domain

There are currently around 330,000 international students studying in Australia. One of the competitive advantages Australia has over other countries is the right for students to work while they study. So, what are the students’ rights at work?

 1. Students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during school semesters.

They are allowed to work unlimited hours during school vacation periods.

 2. Students are entitled to the national minimum wage of $17.29 an hour.

3. Students are entitled to minimum rights and conditions under the National Employment Standards.

This includes annual leave, public holidays and maximum weekly hours.

4. Students can receive assistance from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The website contains information in 26 languages about pay conditions, working rights and entitlements.



5. Students who report exploitation are treated confidentially.

Fair Work Australia works to ensure students are not penalised for visa breaches.

For more information visit Fair Work Ombudsman.