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Settlement Guide: 9 reasons to get a doctor’s check-up

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Regardless of your age, health check-ups are important to identify potential risk factors, to prevent diseases and to help you live a happy and healthy life.

Here are 9 reasons why you should get a regular health-check.

1. To evaluate your overall health

When you go to your check-up GPs may ask about your medical history, your family’s history of disease and your lifestyle. They can request a standard health check to include a blood, urine, vision, and hearing tests.

Health check
A stethoscope in the shape of a normal EKG graph
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2. To get a diabetes test

280 Australian develops diabetes every day. That’s one person in every five minutes. A diabetes test measures your blood sugar level. A blood sugar level test is used to measures the level of glucose in your blood.

Diabetes test
African woman using diabetes test kit
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3. To check your cholesterol

The Heart Foundation says it’s important to manage your cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol test
Cholesterol test
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4. To get a blood pressure screening

High blood pressure over a long time is one of the main risk factors for heart disease. It’s recommended that you get your blood pressure checked every six month. A blood pressure reading under 120/80mmHg is considered optimal.

Blood pressure test

5. To assess your BMI

Two-thirds of Australians are either overweight or obese. Doctors can assess your Body Mass Index which is the ratio of your weight to your height. BMI gives you an idea of whether you're underweight, a healthy weight, overweight, or obese for your height.


6. To check your heart activity

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a simple medical test which measures the electrical activity that is generated by the heart, when the heart contracts. Your GP can request an ECG test to detect cardiac abnormalities.

ECG report
Close-up of an ECG report
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7. To get your immunisations and booster shots

It is estimated that vaccinations currently save up to three million lives worldwide each year. Immunisation is a simple, safe and highly effective way of protecting children and adults from harmful diseases before they come into contact with them.

Flu shot
David Cheskin/PA Wire

8. To check your skin

The Cancer Council says two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, with more than 750,000 people treated for one or more non-melanoma skin cancers in Australia each year. GPs examine your skin for unusual moles and rashes which could be skin cancer.

Skin check
Dermatologist examining patient for signs of skin cancer
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9. To check your mental health

Beyond Blue says three million Australians are living with depression or anxiety. GPs are the best starting point for someone seeking professional help.

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