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Settlement Guide: voting explained

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Australians go to the polls to vote in the Federal Election on July 2. Voting is compulsory in Australia. So, how does it work?

1. All Australian citizens over 18 need to register with the Australian Electoral Commission in order vote

You’ll need to be enrolled by 8pm 23rd of May with the AEC and then turn up to a polling centre on polling day.

Enrol to vote

2. Once registered, you can be fined if you fail to vote on or before polling day

Even if you’re already enrolled to vote, if you’ve changed your name or address you need to update your details with the AEC.

Polling day
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3. Many parties will hand out how to vote cards

You should vote for the candidate of your choice and not be misled by material you might receive at the polling place.

How to vote cards
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4. Candidates are elected by a preferential voting system

You will be given two ballot papers. The green ballot paper is to elect a local candidate for the House of Representatives. While, the white ballot paper is for electing a senator from your own state or territory. In the Senate ballot you can mark your preferences by party above the line, or number your preferred candidates below the line.

Preferential voting

5. Overseas and postal voting

If you are an overseas voter, ballot papers must be completed and posted back to the AEC on or before election day.

Postal voting

To find out how you can enrol to vote, go to the Australian Electoral Commission website or ring 13 23 26.

More information on how to vote in your language and on specific voting details.

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