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Sikhs rally behind Waris Ahluwalia who was asked to remove his turban

Source: Instagram

Waris Ahluwalia was headed from Mexico to New York to attend the New York Fashion Week.

American Actor, Model and Designer Waris Ahluwalia who follows the sikh faith wasn’t allowed to board his flight from Mexico to New York because he refused to remove his turban.


Waris Ahluwalia was headed from Mexico to New York to attend the New York Fashion Week.

He checked in at the Aeroméxico counter at Mexico City’s international airport and was given his first-class boarding pass with a code that he said meant he needed secondary security screening.

When he showed up at the gate to board his flight, he was asked to step aside.

Then Ahluwalia’s feet and bag were searched, swabbed and he was told to remove a sweatshirt. Then, he said, he was asked to take off his turban.

“I can’t remove my turban. It is a symbol of my faith. It is something that I wear whenever I am in public,” he told the staff to explain his reasons for not removing the turban.

The staff then talked amongst themselves and said, ‘O.K., then you are not getting on the flight.’

He was then told by another airline security official that he would not be boarding any other Aeroméxico flight until he met their security demands.


Meanwhile, Sikh Community groups across the USA have started a campaign to stand by Waris, as he still awaits to return to New York.

Many members of the Sikh Community have tweeted their support for Waris’s stand to not remove the turban.

One of America’s biggest Sikh Group – The Sikh Coalition too has started a campaign on their Facebook page.