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SISFFA | The First Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia

Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia Source: Supplied

The aim of SISFFA is to encourage Independent film makers to create innovative works that touch on Sikh themes and social issues of the society.

Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia is a joint effort of KickDrugs, SinghStation & Australia Vich Vasde Punjabi teams.

According to SISFFA organizers, the festival will produce films focussed on educating the society against various social evils and further added that these short movies will be used to educate students in schools of Punjab.

The theme for SISFFA 2017 is ‘Fight against Drugs’ and this is planned as part of KickDrugs campaign to dissuade young people from using and becoming addicted to drugs.

The following movies will be showcased at SISFFA


SISFFA Judges Panel

SISFFA Judges Panel

The event will be held on 25th Febraury 2017 at Plenty Ranges Convention Centre in South Morang.

Info source -  SISFFA website

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