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SUCCESS STORY: An Indian-Australian cruising into the big league

Sudhir Warrier Source: Facebook

Sudhir Warrier's journey from India to Australia has been an interesting one – vegetable business owner to CEO of a cruise company!

Sudhir Warrier came to Australia in the 1990s as a student.

His journey from India to Australia has been an interesting one – vegetable business owner to CEO of a cruise company!

“I combine Malayali pragmatism with Australian entrepreneurship and risk-taking,” Sudhir told The Hindu.

Sudhir, after graduating in Hotel Management from Mumbai, began a wholesale vegetable business.

Soon he decided to seek his fortune in ‘the lucky country’!

He sold the vegetable business and moved to Sydney.

Like many other students, to fund his course fees, then 26-year-old Sudhir started working as a waiter in a restaurant.

After finishing his studies, he joined a shipping company as an Assistant Manager.

With hard work and dedication, Sudhir became the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Cruise Group, the second largest cruise operator in Sydney.

“It was a series of events that took me from employee to employer. Destiny did play a role but my policy is to never to say die and learn from my failures,” Sudhir told The Hindu.

Sudhir feels that his willingness to take risks is what separated him from others.

Raising money to buy his first business was not easy but his bank agreed to fund his company.

Sudhir told The Hindu - “They bought 99.9 percent shares and I bought the rest of the shares with the money I had – 270 Australian dollars”.

This was the Sydney Showboat that had a fine restaurant and glittering cabaret shows.

Over the years, Sudhir’s company has acquired more vessels.

Recent acquisition is a ‘’glass boat’’ with a 360 degree view.

“We are not the biggest but we are the best and we give our customers an opulent experience. We are completely booked during the season. We have other brands as well and what is exciting is that we offer different experiences on those,” Sudhir added.

Sudhir has kept his connection with India alive. He visits Kerala at least thrice in a year!

“My 78-year-old mother Thankam Jaishanker stays in Kochi. I become a true blue Malayali when I come to India,” says Sudhir.

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Source The Hindu