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Taxi driver pranks Australian news channels with fake name

Taxis Source: AAP

Another protesting taxi driver David Singh told media that the taxi drivers wouldn’t end their fight with the government.

A Melbourne cabbie protesting against the Victorian government’s plans to shake up in the taxi industry decided it would be a good time to prank Channel Nine and Channel Seven, reports

A taxi driver spoke to the broadcast stations about the protest on Bolte Bridge in Melbourne.

But told them his name was Tsim Booky.

It’s now been revealed by the Greek community members that his “name” actually is the word in Greek for fellatio or blowjob.

Some people have slammed him for tarnishing the rally.

In this rally cabbies were trying to get the government to offer more compensation for its buyback scheme.

A post on social media said - “It would be funny under different, more relaxed circumstances but we are talking about the financial future of many Victoria families.”


Protester David Singh told Fairfax Media they wouldn’t end their fight.

“This isn’t over, they want it to go away but this isn’t going to go away,” he added.

The Victorian government wants to deregulate the taxi industry by abolishing taxi licences.

It also wants to introduce a single registration for taxis, hire cars and ride-share services like Uber.

The government also wants to compensate taxi licence holders by paying $100,000 for their first licence and $50,000 for up to three others.

WATCH VIDEO: Cab Driver Pranks News with FAKE Name