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Thai edges out Mandarin as most spoken language in Sydney's Haymarket

การแสดงทางวัฒนธรรมของชุมชนไทย ในเทศกาลตรุษจีนที่ไชน่าทาวน์ ซิดนีย์ Source: City of Sydney

NEWS: Thai is the most spoken language in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Haymarket, which is home to the iconic Chinatown district, according to new research.

Sydney's bustling inner-city suburb of Haymarket is home to Australia's largest Chinatown district.

Formed in its current location by Chinese immigrants during the 1920s, Chinatown is a popular precinct for the city's Asian community with wall-to-wall restaurants and shops.

Despite its origins, a new book written by Macquarie University academics has found that the most spoken language in Haymarket was not Mandarin or Cantonese - but Thai.

Macquarie languages expert Dr Alice Chik is a co-editor of the book titled Multilingual Sydney, which maps out how the city is a melting pot of languages.

With Thai, Mandarin, Indonesian, Cantonese and Korean spoken in Haymarket, Dr Chik said the Chinatown of 2018 was more like "Asiantown".

"What we found with the Haymarket statistics is that Thai speakers are the biggest group with 20.4 per cent, which is bigger than Mandarin which is 20 per cent," Dr Chik told SBS Mandarin.

"Indonesian accounted for 10 per cent, Cantonese 5 per cent and Korean around 5 per cent."

The book also found that Haymarket was one of Sydney's most linguistically diverse suburbs, along with Regents Park, Haberfield and Parramatta.

You can read the full story in English here.

Source SBS Mandarin