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The best tiramisù in the world? It’s not made by a chef Source: pixabay

At a recent contest in Treviso, Italy, the best tiramisù maker has been crowned.

Tiramisù is arguably the most famous Italian dessert. The sweet, made of ingredients including mascarpone, savoiardi biscuits and coffee, comes from Treviso, in the Veneto region, and its name translates into "pick-me-up", even though it is hardly a light fare. Being a world renown recipe, tiramisù recipes have been reinterpreted in various ways (some would argue, copied), but now the best one has reportedly been found.

On Sunday 5 November the first Tiramisù World Cup was held in Treviso: 720 non professional participants, including some not from Italy, battled it out. The event has been created by Francesco Redi and Debora Oliosi, tourism and web experts, in an attempt to reclaim Treviso's paternity of the dessert, given recent squabbles with neighbouring region Friuli on the subject.

And the winner has been crowned: he is 28-year-old Andrea Ciccolella, a local who works in an eyewear factory. How did he perfect his tiramisù recipe? Apparently thanks to recipes gathered online and hundreds of attempts, until he found the perfect balance between all the ingredients. But his winning recipe, alas, remains secret.