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The Ghan on SBS: Slow TV is coming to Australia!

Australia couldn't stop talking about The Ghan as it traveled slowly across Australia for 3 hours on TV. Source: SBS

2018 will see Australia’s first foray into the global Slow TV format, with SBS screening The Ghan, an immersive three hour television event. Think no commercials, no interruptions - nothing but a train rolling through Australia's legendary Outback.

The Slow TV movement was born in Europe, with Norway and Switzerland as its pioneers. Examples include a 168-hour show on reindeer migration in Norway, or an overnight ascent of the epic Matterhorn high above Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.

Germany has similar shows, such as a regional TV station in Cologne screening nightly tram journeys. That show, we are told, is particularly popular with people who cannot sleep!

The Ghan
Denkwürdig: Die mehrtägige Bahnfahrt von Süd-Australien ins Nord-Territorium gehört zum Schönsten, was Australien zu bieten hat

Slow TV invites viewers on an extended journey. In the case of The Ghan, the program will take viewers aboard our most iconic passenger train trip, right through the heart of Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin.

Why the Ghan?

The Ghan explores the foundations of modern multicultural Australia. It reveals how the construction of the transcontinental line allowed Central Australia to prosper.

In doing so, the program particularly honours the contributions of Aboriginal Australians and early immigrants, including the Afghan camel drivers who the train is named after.

Climb aboard The Ghan on SBS in January 2018!

The Ghan
Entschleunigung, nun auch im australischen Fernsehen: Die Slow TV-Sendung The Ghan im Januar 2018

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