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This is Australia’s highest grossing Punjabi film for the first week

Source: Unsplash

Ardaas Kraan has emerged as the highest-grossing Punjabi film for the first week, of 2019 in Australia and New Zealand. The film which explores the pertinent issue of generation gap was released worldwide on July 19.

‘Ardaas Karaan’ is an Indian Punjabi-language social drama film co-written, produced and directed by Gippy Grewal.

It is a sequel to ‘Ardaas,' a film which received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

'Ardaas Kraan' has also received fairly positive critic reviews and a warm public reception.

It has emerged as the highest-grossing Punjabi film for the first week, of this year in Australia and New Zealand.

Ardaas Kraan
This image was tweeted by Gippy Grewal.

In an exclusive interview with SBS Punjabi, Mr Grewal shared that the movie explores the issue of generation gap faced by many families, particularly in Punjabi families who live outside India.

“This is an inspirational movie that aims to celebrate life. No matter what, people can achieve happiness despite their challenging environment,” said Mr Grewal.

“We have been frequently complimented for the previous version of the movie and we sincerely hope to continue the success story with this new storyline.” 

Mr Grewal told SBS Punjabi that the movie narrates the story of three elderly men who have to deal with the changing times and their family conflicts, before achieving what they actually wanted in life – ‘the inner happiness’.

“Our team have put a lot of hard work to make this movie. I sincerely hope that people would like the story, cinematography, music and the skills of our acting team,” he said.    

The film also features Gurpreet Ghuggi, Japji Khaira, Babbal Rai, Meher Vij and Yograj in lead roles. 

'Ardaas Karaan' was released worldwide on 19 July 2019. 

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