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This Parisian gym is letting people train in the nude

Source: Twitter

Always wanted to train in your birthday suit? Head to Paris.

A Parisian gym is trying something new: letting naturists use their facilities a few nights a week.

The gym is located in the 12th arrondissement, in the same building as the pool Roger Le Gall, which also opens to naturists in the evening.

According to a Reddit forum, the customers are friendly and mostly male, aged between 20 and 70-years-old. Woman are also welcome, but there are very few.

The gym is open Monday to Friday, between 9 and 11PM. Some evenings are reserved for members of the Paris Naturists Association.

You'd think the French, with their steamy reputation, might have invented the naked gym, but that's not the case. Spain has had one since 2011, and even England got one earlier this year.

Not everybody in France is happy about this gym.

On social media, some people claim that it's unfair to have a gym for naturists only, while gyms for women-only are not allowed in certain French cities.

"I can't believe that women's gyms (from any religions) opened by Muslims have been closed because of the pressure put by certain politicians."

"I was just thinking about this. The world is upside down. You can't practice sports among women only, but you can practice sport naked. It's disgusting!"

A special naked area was also created in the Bois de Vincennes park last August, which is close to the gym.

Paris has also its naked restaurant

It looks like the 12th arrondissement is the place to be in Paris if you're a naturist because a nude restaurant has opened in the area earlier this month. 

Called O'Naturel, the restaurant is inspired by a London establishment called The Bunyadi.

The customers have to undress once they enter.

"They are invited to go to a change room where lockers are available to store their clothes and items," co-owner Mike Saada told Le Parisien newspaper

"They come out naked, in socks."

The chairs have a cover that is replaced after every customer. 

And in case you were wondering, the staff are fully-clothed.

Despite the unconventional concept, the menu is traditional, offering classic French dishes like foie gras and snails. 

On social media, most people don't seem convinced...

But some have found a silver lining.