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Trump campaign ad misidentifies Sikh man as ‘Muslim’

Flyer of Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J Trump identifying Gurinder Singh Khalsa as a Muslim. Source: Huffington Post

Gurinder Singh Khalsa said he wasn’t a Trump supporter and he was shocked to see his picture on the flyer.

A Sikh-American has expressed shock after finding his picture on a Donald Trump campaign flyer in Indiana, United States.  

The campaign flyer carries pictures of people from cross sections of society, announcing support from “millions“ for Trump. Except that Mr. Khalsa, a Sikh migrant from India, says he is not a Trump supporter and he isn’t a ‘Muslim’ as described on the flyer.

“I was completely shocked. Nobody ever asked me to use my photo,” Indiana Public Media quoted Mr. Khalsa as saying.

“I am not a Muslim and I am not supporting Trump.”

After arriving in the US in 1996, Mr. Khalsa started his organisation ‘Sikhs Pac’ to help Americans better understand the difference between  Sikhism and other religions.

But he now fears that Trump’s campaign gaffe would create more confusion in the minds of the people about the Sikhs.

“This is shocking.. and disturbing.. This will create more confusion because they are sending this (flyer) nationwide,” Mr. Khalsa told WTHR News.

Mr. Khalsa says he is having to work hard to educate the society about the Sikh identity. He says he would have to work even harder as the “candidate for the presidency” doesn’t know his religion.  

“Those that want to lead this country as the president, they don’t know who Sikhs are. They cannot differentiate, that’s why they are putting picture of a Sikh and writing it as Muslim.”

 “I am an American and I am American by choice,” he says. “Faith is my personal preference and I don’t want to be judged by my faith or that appearance of what I wear.”

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