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Unable to find job in Australia? Here are the top 5 reasons!

Source: AAP

We have got the top 5 reasons which might be a barrier in finding a job.

Finishing your degree or education and starting work can be an exciting time. Thousands of migrants arriving in Australia too are fairly optimistic of gaining fruitful employment upon their arrival in Australia.

But as many of migrants may tell you from their personal experience, finding a job in Australia is rather challenging, Especially for young people from a culturally diverse background.

If you too are finding it difficult to find a job, you are not alone.

Young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face additional disadvantages in terms of earning and occupational attainment.

And here’s why.

The reasons are varied but here are the main barriers to multicultural youth employment.

REASON 1: Low levels of English language proficiency

English fluency plays an important role in your pursuit of employment in Australia.

Experts suggest mentioning your IELTS score to prove your English Proficiency may help in your application.

Alternatively, If you aren’t confident about your English language skills, you can brush up your skills through a course.

REASON 2: Experience discrimination in looking for work and in interview and selection processes

Nadine Liddy, who serves as the National Coordinator for the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia (MYAN), which is the national peak body on multicultural youth issues says, "Racism and discrimination in the labour market...There are often stories about young people who choose a more Anglo-sounding name on a CV and they are more likely to get a job interview. And some of that racism and discrimination is more structural and some of it is much more abduce."

REASON 3: Lack of relevant occupational skills or evidence of past experience

This includes limited work experience and lack of recognition of prior learning and qualifications.

These issues result in people from ethnic backgrounds mostly taking up informal and casual work within their own communities like being employed at a corner store, fast-food chains, local community businesses where often no experience or English language skills are needed.

REASON 4: Limited knowledge around Australian systems, workplace culture and how to get a job

Career experts suggest that it's beneficial to speak to peers who have lived in Australia for a long time to learn the local Australian system of finding employment.

Often tips you receive from friends and family from their own personal experiences can help you move in the right direction.

Another important tip is to volunteer.

MYAN ‘s Nadine Liddy advises young people to apply for volunteer work or internships as a way to enter the job market. Please be mindful that this is different from unpaid work.

REASON 5: Lack of social networks

Being new to the country can be daunting. Lack of social network too plays an important role in not being able to find work.

Several resources available online can be the first step to finding work. The Victorian Government’s Youth Central website contains jobs and career advice including resume writing skills and how to apply for jobs. (

The NSW Government’s Family and Community Services website includes youth jobs and career links, (

The myfuture website is a job search portal providing advice on occupations, courses, industries and companies. (

Have you been successful in finding work after arriving in Australia as a migrant? Share your story with us.

Source Australian Research Alliance