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Victoria Police terms New Year's Eve crowds 'best behaved'

The number of arrests made across Victoria have been over 30% less than during the last New Year's Eve.

Victoria police have praised the crowds across the state for welcoming the New Year safely.

Uniform and plain clothes police were deployed to cities, towns and coastlines during the new year's eve celebration to monitor public order and crowd behaviour.

Across Victoria, 126 people were arrested, including 65 for being drunk in a public place.

Only two arrests were made in the Melbourne CBD, including one for drunk in a public place.

As part of the New Year’s beefed up security measures, 65 people were arrested for being drunk , 62 reported assaults and 16 drink drive offences from more than 5400 breath tests were effected.

In contrast, during the last New Year’s Eve police arrested 184 people including 104 for drunk. There were also 120 reported assaults, 28 drink drivers and one banning notice issued.

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said he was pleased to see that the vast majority of people celebrated responsibly.

“It was great to see people out and about having fun and enjoying the festivities safely and respectfully,” he said.

“There were a small number of people who did the wrong thing but they were dealt with by police throughout the night.

“There have been a number of complaints about the use of illegal fireworks and I want to reassure the community that we will investigate these incidents fully.

“Not only are illegal fireworks dangerous to those using them but they also have the potential to spark devastating bushfires.

“There were more than 50 incidents overnight believed to have been caused by illegal fireworks.

“This is extremely disappointing, particularly given the high fire danger conditions yesterday.

“I encourage anyone who has any information about the sale or use of illegal fireworks to call Crime Stoppers.”

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