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VIDEO: Mother claims toddler died of negligence at Adelaide hospital

Ekam Singh Source: Facebook

The heartbroken mother of Ekam claims that this tragedy could have been averted.

Ekam Singh, a little boy, who was diagnosed with pneumonia at the Women's and Children's Hospital has died.

The heartbroken mother of Ekam climis that this tragedy could have been averted.

She claims that her repeated demands fora  chest x-ray of Ekam were ignored.

She says "One of the nurses said to me that well, it's not gonna happen with magic, you need to understand this, it takes a bit of time." 

When the x-ray was finally done, Ekam was diagnosed with pneumonia.

By the time the treatment began, it was too late  to save Ekam.

The mother says she feels "let down" by the Australian healthcare system.

After the funeral, Ekam's family will take his ashes to India.

The Women's and Children's Hospital is conducting an internal inquiry into Ekam's death.