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VIDEO: Oswals' $70 million Perth dream home demolished

The unfinished Oswal mansion in Perth was demolished under council orders in 2016 Source: 9 News

Perth's "Taj Mahal on the Swan" - the unfinished, derelict mansion owned by Pankaj and Rhadika Oswal, is finally being demolished.

The cost of razing the graffiti-daubed property in the affluent western suburb of Peppermint Grove is estimated to be $300,000, which the local council expects to recoup.

The job will take about three weeks to complete.

Although they still own the land, the Indian couple abandoned the ambitious project in 2011, a year after their Burrup Fertilisers empire collapsed and they left Australia.

The $70 million partially-built mansion was set to include seven domes, a temple, a sprawling swimming pool and parking for up to 17 cars.

The council won their bid to tear it down after the Oswals failed to act upon a demand by the State Administrative Tribunal to demolish it by September 30.

Shire president Rachel Thomas said she was delighted to see the end of the eyesore, which has attracted antisocial behaviour and is now considered a dangerous structure.

"We're very relieved that it's finally starting," she said.

"I'm so pleased that it's got to this point.

"It's a very big undertaking and is going to be disruptive in terms of truck movements and noise for the next three weeks, but I'm sure the neighbours will be happy to put up with that.

"They've had a pretty miserable couple of years with disturbances on the site."

Ms Thomas said the council was optimistic the Oswals would pay back the costs.

"We've had some discussions with the owners over the last couple of weeks and we think we're nearly there with an agreement.

"If there are difficulties, we will pursue reimbursement through the normal channels as a debt."

She said the shire had also recently reached an agreement with the couple about unpaid rates.

"They will be paid in full, including penalties, by the end of October."

Ms Thomas said the Oswals wanted the demolition to go ahead, with the large, block of land likely to be divided into six lots.

"They have commissioned someone to give them advice on the most profitable way to dispose of it," she said.

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