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VIDEO: Ranjeet Sidhu was attacked in Melbourne

Source: SBS Punjabi

Ranjeet Sidhu, an international student was left bleeding profusely with several cuts on his head on Monday while he was on his way to work.

A Caucasian man who appeared to be in his early thirties attacked Ranjeet Sidhu with a concealed weapon when he stopped at a kebab shop at Hoddle street in Richmond, on way to his work.

The brutal assault was caught on a CCTV at a nearby carwash. The footage shows the attacker repeatedly hitting Ranjeet in the head.

Ranjeet, who works as a security guard, he does not know his attacker and he said the attack was completely unprovoked.

“This man approached me and asked if I was a cop. I told him I wasn’t. A minute later, he again came back to me and asked if I was a cop. I again told him I wasn’t. When he returned the third time, I sensed something was wrong and sat in my car to leave.”

“He tapped at my window and as soon as I came out of the car, he hit me with something he was hiding in his bag,” said Ranjeet.

Ranjeet says he had to run in order to save his life. He was hit six times, thrice on the head, and three times, he managed to block the attacker’s strikes by his arms.

“When he hit me in the head repeatedly, I thought he was going to kill me then and there,” he said.

Ranjeet had to be taken to the hospital emergency due to excessive bleeding. He received 10 stitches on his head.

The attacker hasn’t been arrested so far.