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VISA विशेष: Stay tuned for 2nd episode

Source: Vivek Asri/SBS

We will be live on Facebook at 4.00 pm on Thursday 20 July with 2nd episode of our special series, VISA विशेष.

In this episode, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of Citizenship. Our expert Mr Dhiresh Kohli will explain the procedure and other details to get Australian citizenship touching area of Immigration policy changes after 1st July.

You can ask questions too. Please post your question in the comment box while we are live. It is better to stick to the topic so that we can discuss it in details. Also, it is not possible to give solution to any particular problem you are facing. Still, if you feel that your problem has a general query, feel free to ask.

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In the first episode, we discussed Australian Visa in general. You can watch this episode here: