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WA slashes skilled migration jobs; Engineers among removed jobs

Source: AAP

The Western Australian government released new skilled migration list. 160 jobs including engineers, bricklayers have been removed from the list.

In a move to provide the local tradespeople with jobs, the state government has updated the skilled migration list slashing it to just 18 jobs.

The list had 178 occupations including bricklayers, engineers.

Engineers, bricklayers, electricians, refrigeration mechanics, teachers, cafe managers, psychologists are some of the jobs that went off the list.

Premier Mark McGowan said the 18 occupations on the list are mainly from the health sector where there was a genuine need. They include midwives, psychiatrists and several classes of registered nurses.

"This is about West Australian jobs first and foremost, making sure we only sponsor those people that we actually need rather than a whole range of occupations where West Australians are already out of work and need those jobs," Mr McGowan told reporters on Wednesday.

Reports say that those workers already living in Australia and wish to stay after the expiry of their visas will have to apply to the Commonwealth.  

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