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Want to travel to Australia to study?

Source: Wikipedia/Hoangkid

Answering key questions about student visas in Australia.

1. What is a student visa?

It’s a visa that you can apply for to study in Australia.

2. What types of student visas exist? 

There are various subclasses, which depend on the type of study you choose to undertake. Student visa subclasses fall under the following education sectors:

-Higher Education Sector

-Primary and Secondary School Sector

-Education, Training and Sponsorship for Study Sector

-Visiting and Studying Sector

3. Who is eligible to apply for a student visa? 

Overseas students who want to study in Australia to undertake full-time study in registered courses.

4. What are students assessed on?

Students must provide evidence to satisfy the assessment criteria that apply to them before they can be granted a student visa. This might include:

-Evidence of financial capacity to cover living costs in Australia

-Tuition fees

-Travel costs and capacity to support any family members

-English proficiency

-Level of education

-Passport nationality

5. What are the conditions?

Student visas are subject to a number of conditions that you must comply with.  Visa Entitlement Verification Online, VEVO will tell you what you need to know about your work and study entitlements, important details about your current visa, including the class and subclass and when your visa runs out. 

6. How to get help for complaints?

All registered educational institutions are subject to the Educational Services for Overseas Student Act so they have internal and external complaints’ mechanisms to deal with students’ grievances appropriately. 

You can also contact the Overseas Student Ombudsman about an action or decision taken by your registered education provider in Australia. 


Source SBS