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Warrnambool in Victoria announces DAMA migration occupation list

Source: Getty Images

The local government of Warrnambool on Victoria's south-western coast has announced details and an occupation list of the Great South Coast region’s Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA).

Warrnambool City Council has released details of the number of vacancies, the number of visas in the first year, sponsorship eligibility and assessments.

According to the factsheet published in Warrnambool City Council’s website, the GSC region’s DAMA is currently available for 27 approved occupations, mainly in agriculture and hospitality sectors.

GSC region includes the municipalities of Glenelg, Moyne, Warrnambool, Corangamite, Colac Otway and Southern Grampians.

A map of Victoria's Great South Coast

From livestock farmers, agricultural technicians, variety of farm workers, slaughterer and meat process workers to hotel, motel and restaurant managers, cook, chef, mechanics and truck drivers are included in the 27 occupations list.

13 occupations included in the list offer English language and Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) concessions.

To see the full list of occupations click here.

But, the program is limited to only 100 positions in the first year.

Crop and livestock
Crop and livestock farmer Wayne Dunford hand feeds his cattle with bales of hay transported from Victoria at Lynton Station west of Parkes, Monday, August 13, 2018.

DAMA uses the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa stream (subclass 482) to offer a pathway to permanent residency for workers and help businesses to address their labour shortages.

Businesses located in the designated area that faces labour shortages and are not able to fill the positions with local Australian workers can sponsor foreign workers under the agreement.

And, sponsored workers can apply for Australian permanent residency after three years work for their sponsors.

The GSC region’s DAMA was announced in December last year to be started in the first quarter of 2019, but the program is yet to go live.

“Contact details for participating sponsor businesses will be provided when the DAMA goes live,” Warrnambool council’s website stated.

To access the full information click here.