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Watch and remember these ten road safely

Drive safely Source: Amit Sarwal

Here's a new video list of the 10 most useful road rules to make Australia's roads safer for everyone.

A new list of the 10 most useful and misunderstood road rules along with a video lesson has been released by the NSW Centre for Road Safety to make Australia's roads safer for everyone.

This campaign was launched to mark Road Rules Awareness Week, from February 22 to 28.


RULE 1: Roundabouts

Drivers are required to give way to those already on the roundabout and indicate to show that they are turning left, from the left lane if there is one, or right. When making a U-turn, drivers must approach in the right lane and signal right until they exit.  


RULE 2: Giving way to pedestrians 

Motorists are required to give way to pedestrians when they are turning left or right.


RULE 3: Mobiles

A mobile phone can only be used while driving if it is secured in a commercially manufactured and designed mounting that is fixed to the vehicle and doesn't obscure the view of the road. It can be used without a mount if a driver can operate it without touching any part of the phone, for example by using Bluetooth or voice activation.


RULE 4: Merging

If a driver is travelling in a marked lane, which is ending, and has to cross the broken lines to merge, he or she must give way. In cases where there are no lane markings, or the lanes are reduced, the zipper merge applies: a driver in either lane must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of them. 


RULE 5: Keeping left

On multi-lane roads with a speed limit of more than 80km/h, motorists must not drive in the right-hand lane unless they are overtaking, turning right, making a U-turn or driving in congested areas. It is not good enough to be in the right lane just because you are travelling at high speed. 


RULE 6: Using headlights and fog lights

A driver must not use any light fitted to their vehicle that may dazzle another road user.


RULE 7: U-turns

Drivers can't make a U-turn across any a single continuous dividing line, a single continuous dividing line to the left of a broken line or across two parallel continuous dividing lines.


RULE 8: Safe following distances

The recommended safe following distance is three seconds.


RULE 9:  School zone

Motorists should be aware that school zones still operate and are enforceable on these days.


RULE 10: Yellow traffic lights

An orange or yellow light doesn't mean speed up, it means stop.



Source Transport for NSW