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What we get wrong about smart Asian kids

ความชาญฉลาดและพรสวรรค์ทางดนตรีของฉันกลับถูกจัดว่ามาจากสิ่งเดียวเท่านั้น: เชื้อชาติ Source: Getty Images

When we devalue Asian children and their intelligence, we tell them that it is impossible to be Asian and creative, Asian and a writer, Asian and comedic.

Many times throughout my childhood, from schoolmates to strangers, my intelligence and musical talent was put down to one thing: my race. The only reason I was good at the piano or did well at school boiled down to a single reason: Well, its because youre Asian. 

Interestingly, while white intelligence and aptitude is often seen as innate, creative and uncultivated, Asian intelligence has largely been associated with rote-learning and excessive studying. The assumption is that (white) children who are naturally bright’ dont need to study, which — ironically — turns studying into a form of cheating that gives Asian kids an unfair advantage. The op-eds and comments that emerge over the Asian Invasion in selective schools’ tout it as a problem of racial division, and out of line with Australiaegalitarian “national character” when it comes to education.

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