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Where to find free Wi-Fi in Australia?

It's easy today to find free wifi, especially in towns, in Mcdonalds, Starbucks and shopping centres. Australia has no less than 1734 public hotspots of free wifi, and that's without counting cafes, restaurants, parks... However, be careful when connecting to one of these networks because hackers can easily access your personal information.

More and more bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and rest stops in the cities offer free wi-fi, although some connections vary regarding speed and reliability. Almost all places where you can stay at night, get food and drink or buy something, are (most of the time) a right spot where to find free wifi.

Convenient if you have to work, manage your Instagram profile or stay connected in general, but these public networks can also pose a significant risk to your cybersecurity.

Where to find free Wi-Fi in Australia

It is sometimes enough to turn on your wifi in the settings of his phone, and the name of a network will appear in your list. Here's an interactive map that will help you find free (green) and password-free (red) wifi especially in major cities like Melbourne or Sydney.

The Freewifispot website has compiled a list of all free wifi spots in Australia, and Wificafespots lists all the cafes and restaurants where the connection is also free.

The ACMA website reveals all the useful information to know when connecting to a public wifi network and links to all places where to find a connection.

Connect securely

A recently discovered flaw in the widely used Wi-Fi encryption protocol could make millions of users vulnerable to attack, triggering warnings from cybersecurity researchers around the world.

Wi-Fi networks are easily corruptible, allowing cybercriminals to listen to your conversations or steal your data. For example, you must avoid logging into your bank account or avoid buying online with an unsecured wifi. reported that in November 2017 in Austria, a man was robbed $ 155,000 worth in Bitcoin digital currency after connecting to a restaurant's unsecured public Wi-Fi network.

The site gives us some tips on the different ways to connect safely.



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