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Who took Sanaya?

Sanaya with her mother Source: Facebook

Police are searching for a man who took the missing toddler from Heidelberg West park on Saturday morning.

Sanaya Shaib, aged 15 months, vanished from Olympic Park in Heidelberg West about 10am on Saturday.

The mother, Nikat Shaib, told police that a man pushed her to the ground before abducting her child and running away in Melbourne's north.

Habbib Ali, a family member, told reporters that Nikat was screaming and crying: "somebody took my child, somebody took my child".

The body of the child has been found in a creek in the same park in Heidelberg West, Melbourne.

Police are now searching for a man believed to have pushed a mother to the ground and snatched her baby from her pram in broad daylight yesterday. 

The man has been described, by the toddler’s mother, as dark skinned and possibly of African heritage, six-feet-tall, between 20 and 30 years old, with short dark hair.

He was wearing black pants, a black hooded zipper, and no shoes and smelt strongly of alcohol.

Investigators say the body was found partially submerged on the western side of Darebin Creek by a family-of-four searching together about 2.45am.

The mother of the toddler told police she had been staying with friends in Heidelberg West and decided to take her baby for a walk.

She said she saw a man walking towards her.

The man first passed her and then turned to push her to the ground from behind.

He then grabbed little Sanaya from the pram and ran away.

Police are hoping someone may have seen the man in the area at the time, or witnessed the abduction.

Habib Ali told 9NEWS the “family was extremely distressed.”

Police has cordoned off the park as a crime scene and homicide squad detectives remain on the scene.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.


Source The Age