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Why we do yoga?

Curtain Raiser held for International Yoga Day at Albert Park, June 2016 Source: Consulate General of India, Melbourne

Some Australian yoga enthusiasts share what attracted them towards India’s traditional yoga - a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise routine.

“The benefits of practicing yoga, breathing and meditation have enhanced my personal and business life. It has brought about calmness, clarity and the level of stamina has increased two folds".

Kushma Chand, Business Consultant


"I practice yoga, breathing and meditation every day. it makes me feel balanced and happy even if life is going busy and stressful".


Simone Gumz, Occupational Therapist


“Yoga began as a way to stay healthy and strong and has become the source of stability and peace in my life. After practicing yoga I feel happy and full of love for my fellow human beings. If everyone practiced yoga we could eliminate war, hatred and most diseases from this planet. I feel very grateful that yoga found me.”

Janette Scott, Administrator


“Meditation, yoga and breathing practices have changed me in a profound way and are a central part of what makes my life such a joy to live. They help to bring focus to my mind, calm to my soul, health to my body, harmony to my relationships and purpose to my existence. Doing these practices has brought such a boost to my life it almost feels like an unfair advantage!”

Cameron Norton, Social Worker


“Yoga has helped me to bypass stress and anxiety in life's challenging situations and has also allowed me to develop intuition and a sense of being centred, focused, and clear. I have been practising yoga and meditation for over 15 years and have reaped the health benefits of regular practise. This time to myself has become an integral ritual to my wellbeing, in turn allowing me to be more fully available for others and become more conscious and aware of life in general.”

Monica Maric, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Filmmaker


“Yoga has been a life-changing discovery for me.  To be able to do a short series of physical exercises, pranayama and meditation and literally feel my stresses and anxieties melt away like ice cream on a sunny summer’s day is nothing short of a miracle.  For me Yoga simply means coming back home to myself, my true self.  It was because I cherished this experience so much that I started sharing it.”

Dr Angela Hass, Academic (Art Historian), Yoga and Meditation teacher


“Meditation and Yoga is a path for me, the consciousness guiding me through many experiences and adventures, and gracefully uplifting my soul to reach home. It is making me grow to become a happy joyful person which is my nature.”

Ashiqur Rahman, Masters of Social Work Monash University


“Practicing Sudarshan Kriya (yoga , breathing, and meditation) has helped me to handle difficult situations in life very easily. Being in the present moment more often means you are not worrying about past or future.”

Peter Roberts, Retired Building Professional


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