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Woman plans to kill husband, accidentally poisons family members

Source: Pixabay

A newly wed woman in Pakistan has accidentally poisoned members of her extended family in a failed attempt to kill her husband.

A woman in Pakistan has been charged with murder after her family members consumed milk poisoned by her which she intended to give to her husband. The Independent has reported that 21-year-old Aasia Bibi was forced in to an arranged marriage with 25-year-old Amjad Akram.

Unhappy with the arranged marriage, Aasia poisoned a glass of milk to kill her husband. However, the husband refused to drink the milk and her mother-in-law unknowingly used that poisoned glass of milk to make a batch of ‘lassi’ and served it to 27 members of the extended family.

The incident took place in the Daulat Paur area in Muzaffargarh in the southwestern Punjab province of Pakistan. A total of 15 people died and 12 others are in serious condition.

A senior police officer said, “Aasia was forced to marry Amjad against her will. She was not happy and came back to her parents’ house after a few days into marriage but her family forcibly sent her back to her in-laws' house.”

Aasia Bibi first claimed that a lizard had fallen into the milk, poisoning it. But she later confessed to her role in custody. Police have arrested her, her lover and her aunt, who are also suspected to have played a role in this incident.

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