Paramvir S Chattwal representing Australia at World Police Games

Paramvir Singh Chattwal Source: Supplied

Paramvir Singh Chattwal migrated to Australia in 2014 and took up shooting as a hobby.

An Indian migrant is representing Australia at the World  Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles.

Paramvir Singh Chattwal who works for the New South Wales Police Department is competing in the full bore rifle and police tactical pistol shooting competition. Mr Chattwal took up shooting as a sport after migrating to Australia just three years ago.

43-year-old Mr Chattwal has won a bronze medal in the Australian Emergency Services Pistol Championships in Canberra in 2015. He won six silver medals at the Victorian Police Pistol Club Championships last year.

“It’s a great feeling to represent Australia in this championship. I had never thought of joining police department but now I am enjoying it,” Mr Chattwal told The Tribune. “I will try to win this championship to make my country proud.”

Mr Chattwal, a correctional officer, said the shooting was never his first choice and that he was more inclined towards business. But his interest grew in the sport with the passage of time.

He also carried the Australian flag during the 2016 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Mr Chattwal grew up and studied in Chandigarh.

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